Barron's Mobile Home Park is a rental community located near Auburn University that offers alternative student housing to the students of Auburn University and Southern Union.

Barron's Mobile Home Park is conveniently located two miles from Auburn University campus and one mile from Auburn College of Veterinary Medicine. We are committed to providing residents with attractive homes that are well maintained by an attentive staff. There are various reasons to consider our mobile homes as an option.

  • Mobile Home Rentals With Decks
  • Wooded Lots With Patios
  • Lot Rentals
  • Rental Units
  • Cable Available
  • A.U. Tiger Transit Pick-up
  • Located Near A.U. Vet School
  • Convenient To Supermarket
  • Central Post Office
  • Grounds Maintained
  • Fire Protection

Mobile Home Park

2045 Lee Road 137
(Wire Road)
Auburn, AL 36832


Office Hours:
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Monday - Friday

We accept cash and check